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Bepart of McLaren Racing

What we do

Motorsport Live is a dedicated motorsport experiences provider. Our aim is to make your experience easy, enjoyable and memorable. We have been offering Formula 1 and other motorsport experiences since 2003 and have given thousands of fans from across the world a motorsport experience to treasure.


We are proud to be part of the Motorsport Network. Motorsport Network represents the largest audience of motorsport and auto enthusiasts in the world.


In close cooperation with McLaren Racing, Motorsport Live is on a journey to bring fans closer to the team and celebrate the amazing McLaren fans’ unswerving support and loyalty. In 2019, McLaren Racing and Motorsport Live are working hand in hand to offer you a truly memorable experience on the McLaren Grandstand.


We place the spotlight on you and the rest of the #McLarenFamily in all four corners of the world.


The McLaren Grandstands provide the unique opportunity to celebrate your passion for papaya together with hundreds of McLaren fans from all around the world.

Together with McLaren, we have chosen five distinctive destinations where the spirit of McLaren’s is conveyed on the global stage of Formula 1 and IndyCar.